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Slide We collaborate with specialized structures in the production, post- production and editing of professional videos. Video is the best way to explain to our customers what we do and how we do it, we have all the necessary skills to organize shooting of any kind and everywhere and to manage them from the beginning to the end: from the idea, to the casting up to the publication. Supporto marketing Video & Photo Shooting PHOTO & VIDEO

Slide Outsourcing your sales force also includes strategic consulting on websites, e-commerce platforms and landing pages. All must work perfectly and leave a great impression. TheSales on Demand staff creates and restructures the company websites, optimising them in a way that is responsive to viewing on tablets and mobile devices. Simple, focused on user experience, ergonomic and designed to maintain the visitor’s interest. CONTATTACI Website, Ecommerce, Landing Page SUPPORTO MARKETING


is a unique tool to have our customers understand who we are and what we do. The outsourced sales force service assists the sales rep with an editorial plan that keeps our contacts informed about company presentations, innovations, new launches and all that is needed to support the transformation of potential customers into actual customers, whilst retaining existing ones. is usefull to send promotions, variations, new products, information about fairs or in-depth analysis and updates on various topics. Furthermore, a newsletter is also a way to increase the traffic of your site.


Slide SUPPORTO MARKETING Siti Web, Ecommerce, Landing Page L’outsourcing forza vendita passa anche attraverso la consulenza strategica sui siti web, sulle piattaforme e-commerce e sulle Landing, tutto deve funzionare alla perfezione e deve lasciare un segno. Il personale Sales on Demand realizza e ristruttura i siti aziendali ottimizzandoli in ottica responsive per la visualizzazione su tablet e mobile. Semplici, focalizzati sulla user experience, ergonomici e studiati per mantenere alto l’interesse del visitatore. CONTATTACI

Slide Sales On Demand consultancy covers the development of all the sales tools made available to the team. We optimise sites for SEO purposes, using the best keywords and the most suitable metadata, Google AdWords and advertising strategies in general. Social Media Advertising: the ADV on the main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...), all with a detailed analysis of the return on investment. Seo, Sem, Social Media SOCIAL MARKETING