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Sales Force Outsourcing

Phase 1: Activation and Training

Our sales team, consisting of a project manager, a telephone sales representative, and a field sales representative, will be trained directly by you. Together, we will discuss your target market, procedures and create customized instances in our data centres, allowing you to monitor the progress of your projects on a daily basis.

Phase 2: Roll Out

The telephone sales representative will work on your database for the agreed period, generating a meeting agenda, a sales pipeline, and sales forecasts.

Phase 3: Closing

The field sales representative will visit your clients and close the sales. You will be responsible for sending contracts, their retrieval, and invoicing.

Turn to us and unlock the potential of your sales!

And do you know the advantage?

You only pay for what you use!

That’s right! The Sales on Demand model involves payment for individual phone calls and individual meetings; there are no fixed-rate contracts! Each activity is billed separately, eliminating the grey areas of contracts.

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Need to suspend or increase? No problem!

Activation gives you the right to request changes to your team’s activities whenever you want. Closing in August but tripling in September? No problem! Your team remains ready for as long as you need!

We generate a winning prospect list for you!

Your customer is a unique individual! No more getting lost in endless searches and painstaking analysis on portals. We overcome corporate obstacles and achieve concrete results.

Thanks to the powerful Linkedin Sales system, we directly reach your prospects! We create a database of contacts who are truly interested in your offer and who match your ideal target.

Marketing Automation

Generate leads from search engines and social media. Engage your potential customers through your email list! Sales outsourcing also offers this advantage! Our marketing automation service closely follows your prospects through targeted newsletter strategies on any platform. This automatically generates inbound leads that will be converted by our specialized sales team.

Telemarketing and Teleselling

The phone is the best way to proactively reach your target!

Our Telemarketing service offers you the opportunity to raise awareness among your prospect database about your services or products through our internal or external call centres.


Request a Personalized Consultation from Marco Ferrario

Marco Ferrario, entrepreneur and sales expert, has years of experience collaborating with various multinational companies and increasing their revenues.

Today, Marco works closely with his clients to constantly improve sales performance. By supporting companies with his Sales On Demand rental sales teams, he offers a simple, scalable, and effective sales force method that guarantees a clear and immediate return on investment.

"Sales as a service" the book by Marco Ferrario

Want to learn more about sales force outsourcing?

Sales as a Service is the book that reveals the method devised by Marco Ferrario to build effective and replicable sales teams. Reduce fixed costs and leverage market opportunities with agile and cost-effective sales teams.


  • How to attract the maximum number of new customers and turn them into loyal clients.
  • How to make your sales department efficient with a tested and high-performing system.
  • Which are the right tools and how to use them: from CRM to Social Media.
  • How to gain total control over your sales pipeline to accurately predict your annual revenue.
  • Which services are best suited to your professional needs.

Available in Paper Format Ebook and Audiobook!

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