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In This Book, You Will Learn:

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To distinguish between prospecting and relationship

How to acquire as many new customers as possible and which techniques to use to retain them and turn them into loyal customers.

How to use the correct tools

Everything you need to know about the correct platforms to use: CRM/CDP, web, and social.

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How to structure an outsourced team

You will learn how to engage existing structures in the market and direct them towards your goal, namely sales force outsourcing. Sales As A Service will guide you step by step to achieve your goals.

Improve the effectiveness of field sales representatives

Thanks to a tested and high-performing system known as the “Matrix system,” which will be explored in the book.

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Understand sales control

How to structure and control a pipeline capable of providing information and revenue forecasts at the end of the year.

Learn how to create an organized team

You will learn methods for organizing a working team capable of effectively increasing sales and revenue.


Fixed costs preventing you from growing?

ELIMINATE THEM! Build virtuous, efficient, and cost-effective sales teams.

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Have a chat with Marco Ferrario

Active in the sales world since 1996, Marco Ferrario has created an innovative sales force outsourcing model based on the concept of “Sales as a Service”. Through his team, he collaborates every day with various successful companies.
Marco Ferrario is the creator of the “Sales on Demand” method that helps companies approach sales with a service-oriented mindset.
As the founder of Sales on Demand, a company dedicated to “selling anything”, he supports his clients with rental sales teams capable of providing constant support.
Considered a great expert in sales models, Marco loves to define himself as the first beneficiary of his theories.