Sales Force Outsourcing

Need to hire salespeople but can’t find satisfactory solutions on the market? Try the sales force outsourcing solution!

Sales On Demand offers the rental of specialized sales teams, with a team of telephone salespeople working closely with field salespeople capable of managing the entire process, from profiling the database to generating opportunities and closing deals.

If controlling and hiring a group of sales agents seems impossible and a non-returnable investment, we are the solution! Our outsourced sales teams are the answer you are looking for.

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Rent Your Sales Force

Sales force outsourcing is a process through which you can rent the perfect sales team for your needs:

We build the ideal prospect database for you. Our in-house sales representatives work the contacts using the phone or the internet, and we provide you with a list of deals ready to be closed, both by you and directly by our field salespeople at the client’s location. It’s exactly what you would expect from your dream sales team

Sales on Demand: The Top 3 Benefits

Reduce fixed costs and focus on performance:

Looking for salespeople? RENT THEM!

Save time and money on futile recruitment activities. Eliminate the stress of managing unprepared salespeople and grow your earnings with sales force outsourcing.

Many of our clients were sceptical at first, but now they’re with us for a reason… And the best part is, you decide when to expand the team. We understand the importance of having an experienced and motivated sales team to reach the maximum potential of your business.

Just ask, and in a few days, we’ll provide you with new salespeople ready to bring you sales like never before!

When to Call Sales on Demand?

Sales Force Outsourcing is designed to make you more free, allowing you to focus on the truly important aspects of your business, leaving the sales to us.


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Need to hire a salesperson?

Looking for salespeople capable of supporting your company in every sales-related aspect and no longer want to invest time and resources in salespeople who consistently fail.

Rapidità e flessibilità su richiesta outsourcing forza vendita

Speed and flexibility on demand

Need to start immediately with a fast, replicable, and transparent model? Do you need to suspend activities for the summer holidays? Do you need to double the workload for Christmas? No problem!

Abbatti i costi

Reduce costs

No longer want to manage unnecessary fixed costs that lead to nothing and only make you lose earnings.


Grow your company

Focus only on the important aspects of your company and leave the sales to us!

Marco Ferrario

Have a chat with Marco Ferrario

Active in the sales world since 1996, has created an innovative sales force outsourcing model based on the concept of “Sales as a Service”. Through his team, he collaborates every day with various successful companies.

Marco Ferrario is the creator of the “Sales on Demand” method that helps companies approach sales with a service-oriented mindset. As the founder of Sales on Demand, a company dedicated to “selling anything,” he supports his clients with rental sales teams capable of providing constant support.

Considered a great expert in sales models, Marco loves to define himself as the first beneficiary of his theories.

"Sales as a service" the book by Marco Ferrario

Want to learn more about sales force outsourcing?

Sales as a Service is the book that reveals the method devised by Marco Ferrario to build effective and replicable sales teams. Reduce fixed costs and leverage market opportunities with agile and cost-effective sales teams.


  • How to attract the maximum number of new customers and turn them into loyal clients.
  • How to make your sales department efficient with a tested and high-performing system.
  • Which are the right tools and how to use them: from CRM to Social Media.
  • How to gain total control over your sales pipeline to accurately predict your annual revenue.
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Still want to hire a salesperson?

Don't forget the costs of selection and training, and remember that one mistake could mean losing an entire year of revenue.

Forget about benefits, sick leaves, and associated risks