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Why waste time searching for salespeople when you can hire them? Choose Sales on Demand.

Free up your time and increase sales with experienced, already-trained salespeople ready to work for you. Choose the On-Demand solution and get immediate results!

Sales on Demand works like this:

Discover the benefits of Sales on Demand for your business

We generate your personalized contact list!

Every customer is a unique individual!

Defining a target is a challenging task.

Manually downloading data from major social portals is a slow and outdated process.
Trying to find our reference point by surpassing increasingly effective corporate filters is a costly operation.

Thanks to our advanced methodologies we can build effective and constantly updated databases, allowing you to reach your future customers in less time!

We generate sales opportunities

We use a highly efficient telephone system to enhance your opportunities and create a list of negotiations that will boost your future revenue.

Telemarketing or telephone salespeople?
Telemarketing is the ideal solution for managing large amounts of data and maximizing sales opportunities.

Telephone salespeople are capable of developing numerous negotiations, organizing video calls or meetings, and providing everything you need to create a list of real negotiations, leading your new contacts to the desired conclusion.

We send our salespeople directly from your customers!

Nothing could be easier!

Sales on Demand offers a complete service, from opportunity generation to contract closure.
Our salespeople are trained directly by customers and are able to represent them impeccably, just like a traditional salesperson.

We take care of everything, allowing you to focus on the truly important activities for your company.


Increase Your Revenue and Profit!

Rent your team of salespeople! Introducing new elements into your sales force can hide pitfalls such as investments without returns and unprepared personnel, as well as unsustainable contractual constraints.
With Sales Force Outsourcing, all of this will be just an unpleasant memory. Forget about impossible results and switch to an On-Demand sales model!

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3 Reasons to Choose Sales on Demand

Transform an asset into a service

Like any service, if you're not satisfied, you can cancel it. Why continue to waste time on unproductive and non-returnable investments?

Everything you need to sell successfully

We manage online and offline campaigns to generate leads, which we then convert with our team of telephone salespeople. We use advanced technologies to create prospect databases.

Scalable and infinitely replicable

Sales on Demand is the best choice for those seeking a scalable and infinitely replicable partner to increase sales and expand their business.

Not enough? Discover our Services!

We are a company specialising in 360° sales force rental, offering a wide range of services: consultancy, marketing automation activities, telemarketing, and both field and telephone salespeople. Everything you need to infinitely grow your company's revenue!

Marco Ferrario

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Active in the sales world since 1996, Marco Ferrario has created an innovative sales force outsourcing model based on the concept of “Sales as a Service”.Through his team, he collaborates every day with various successful companies.

Marco Ferrario is the creator of the “Sales on Demand” method that helps companies approach sales with a service-oriented mindset.
As the founder of Sales on Demand, a company dedicated to “selling anything”, he supports his clients with rental sales teams capable of providing constant support.

Considered a great expert in sales models, Marco loves to define himself as the first beneficiary of his theories.

"Sales as a service" the book by Marco Ferrario

Want to learn more about sales force outsourcing?

Sales as a Service is the book that reveals the method devised by Marco Ferrario to build effective and replicable sales teams. Reduce fixed costs and leverage market opportunities with agile and cost-effective sales teams.


  • How to attract the maximum number of new customers and turn them into loyal clients.
  • How to make your sales department efficient with a tested and high-performing system.
  • Which are the right tools and how to use them: from CRM to Social Media.
  • How to gain total control over your sales pipeline to accurately predict your annual revenue.
Switch to Sales on Demand
Still want to hire a salesperson?

Don't forget the costs of selection and training, and remember that one mistake could mean losing an entire year of revenue.

Forget about benefits, sick leaves, and associated risks.